Welcome to Van de Vorst PR, established in 2001. Creative Director: Wil van de Vorst and Founder-Director: Adriënne van de Vorst. We are specialized in Marketing PR & Social Media and focused on great results! We work with passion for a number of international clients.

We combine our creativity and commercial intuition with a strong media network. And understand journalism like no other. This leads to exceptional publicity for many excellent brands.


Van de Vorst PR is proactive across all media channels. The press plays a fundamental role in the way opinions are formed. Our relations with the media are rock solid.

The reach of magazines, newspapers, radio and television is enormous. Both offline and online. Social media give the media landscape a great impulse. Marketing PR is therefore increasingly geared towards story telling.


B2B PR is becoming increasingly important. Companies need to communicate more on ‘The Why’. Why they do what they do. They tend to centre on what they do and how they do it.

In each instance we will identify the objectives, the target groups, the strategy and the performance together. And transfer this intention into words. Clients include Contigo, MI-Partners, Radiuz, ActionSign, SalesPlus, CaterCoach, Peugeot, AVE and VMS.


Our Travel PR activities have experienced considerable growth over the past few years. We work for hotels, resorts, travel agencies and tourist offices. Clients include, Sunair, Hyatt Hotels, Hotel Post Lermoos and Rheinhessen.

We regularly organise individual press trips to some of Europe’s most fascinating destinations. We maintain superb contacts with the press, as well as the most prominent bloggers on travel and trips.


Our Marketing-PR instruments:

  • Press releases
  • Social media releases
  • Connect brands with influencers
  • Press tours, Press trips
  • Press events, Bloggers events
  • Product launches
  • Interviews, reviews
  • Social contests


Our Content services:

  • Worldwide dbase media
  • Worldwide dbase top influencers
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Webdesign
  • SEO
  • Video productions
  • Native advertising


English, Dutch, German, French, Swedish, Spanish, Italian; our press releases are always written by native speakers. We combine our creativity and commercial intuition with a strong media network.

This results in excellent publicity for excellent brands. We are active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria and in an increasing number of other European countries.


Retail PR is a vital tool in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). We ensure the shop benefits from excellent online attention. Our clients include both real shops and web shops. Important elements are ‘findability’ and ‘shareability’. PR stimulates turnover; both online and offline.

Our retail experience is even wider. We also develop new shop concepts. One good example is the ‘Oerse Molenbakker’; a modern bread formula within a traditional environment.


Creativity is our passion. This is where it all begins. Van de Vorst PR equals creative content. We work closely with a team of strong, creative partners who supply an invaluable contribution to our PR campaigns.

We work together with Questo Reclame in areas such as web design, SEO, graphic design, banners, advertising and photography.

Social Addicts is our partner for social media (strategy and design), SEO and blog creation.